Why would someone like me hire a matchmaker?

1. You don't want to date online or are fed up with using a dating app.

2. You are a busy professional concerned about privacy.

3. You are too busy with your career and life to spend your time searching and swiping.

4. You are a single parent with responsibilities and a tight schedule.

5. You keep choosing the wrong type of person to date and could use some help making better choices.

Who are your clients?

My clients are exceptional, educated, successful, and savvy. I work with high-caliber individuals who are ready for long-term commitment and have a marriage mindset.

How many dates will I be able to go on?

That is all dependent on the membership package you select. Keep in mind that quality is much more important than quantity when it comes to meeting the right match. Rest assured, we will make sure that you go on dates with commitment-minded singles that are compatible with you.